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Republican/Conservative Double Standard (Part 1)

Sep 03 2013

Over the past several days I've been witnessing a push from the conservative right against Obama's talks of military action in Syria. As someone who hates to speak about a topic without doing proper reasearch, I looking into the claims reading some of the posts that people had been spreading on social media. It took a great deal of willpower to not spit out my coffee in shear disbelief a the ramblings of these individuals.

Take a blog posting by Jan Barry for example (War or Diplomacy). I read this blog entry, shaking my head so much that I started to feel dizzy. I found it absolutely amazing that this individual would attempt to sound as if he could "educate" President Obama in diplomacy. Jan claims to be a poet (amounst other things). I have to say he definitely used a poetic license when writing this post. I would never presume to understand the strugle that the President has to go through to come to a decision that involves military action, knowing that you are putting the lives of your citizens in harms way. However I cannot believe that such a decision comes lightly, without careful consideration and the attempt at finding another solution not involving force. For this author to behave as if he could educate the President by quoting of all people, John F. Kennedy, I found completely laughable. I have to admit it was the first time I saw a conservative historically using a Democrat in any type of argument to make a point.

The double standard comes in when you realize that throughout this post this author never once mentions the two previous wars we were involved in. Why did he not condemn those acts? Why did he not speak about how there was a lack of diplomacy in those decisions? Why...? Because the President was a Republican. It is the IOKIYAAR syndrome. I'll be the first to admit that I am not by any means a political expert but I do have a mind of my own and am able to put it to good use. I research, I think, I analyze. Many qualities that todays conservatives lack, prefering to repeat theology, rhetoric, tall tales and outright falsehoods in an attempt to give their claims some form of credability. This far along in the administration's reign I would call the actions of the conservative party unpatriotic at best, traitorous at worst.

It's been five years now, shouldn't the conservative platform start behaving as adults? The will of the people have spoken, twice, by electing President Obama. It is the job of the other elected officials to help the administration lead the country. Not to hinder it, sabotage it, undermine it, discredit it or abuse it. This is what the conservative party has done since the day President Obama has taken office. Rather than use their power constructively, they have acted as spoiled children that did not get their way. The Republican lead House has been known since Obama's term started as the new "Do Nothing Congress". The 112th Congress (2011 - 2013) was relentlessly mocked for its amazing ability to not get things done. However the new 113th Congress (as of July 1st 2013) is on pace to exceed that record in futility. The 112th Congress passed 220 laws, the fewest of any Congress since they started keeping statistics, and more than 100 fewer that the previous record low. Yet the 113th Congress, six months into its term, is on pace to pass even fewer laws than that. Only 15 laws were passed this year, compared to 23 over the same period in 2011. It probably doesn't help any that Congress seems to rarely show up for work.

Most conservatives would like to argue that the fewer laws there are, the better. But for the last term, many laws passed by the 112th Congress were designed to spur future legislative action which never came to pass. Remember the fiscal cliff? How about sequestration? Those ideas failed miserably, causing much more harm than good. The only thing that these last two Congresses have been able to accomplish is historically low approval and confidence ratings. Voting thirty sevel (37) times to repeal a law (ACA) that isn't going away has a way of making people think you are wasting their time.

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