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Marriage Equality - Christian Values

Sep 05 2013

I've seen this video posted a few times, but I'll admit I was so busy recently that it took a few days for me to get around to watching it. I must say...this Prime Minister nailed it perfectly. Those of the "Christian" faith that are against Marriage Equality, aren't true Christians by definition, because they do not follow their own teachings. This "Pastor" as he claims to be tried in vain to discredit and otherwise embarrass the Prime Minister with his stance on Marriage Equality. What he received was sour disappointment and the proverbial egg on his face.

The Prime Minister plainly stated that after long reflection, he had come to the conclusion that being homo-sexual is not a choice. It is how a person is born, not a learn behavior or otherwise chosen behavior. With that knowledge, he concluded that one cannot discriminate against a group of people for something they are from birth, they are entitled to the same rights and privileges as all others. Of course the Pastor could not leave well enough alone and insisted that he was a good Christian because he followed the teachings of the "bible", where marriage is defined as between a man and a woman. To which in his credit the Prime Minister responded, "If you are going to have that view, the bible also says that slavery is a natural condition." His response was met with loud and thunderous applause by the audience, understanding that picking and choosing aspects of the bible to suit your needs and disregarding the rest leaves you looking like a fool. If you base your beliefs and convictions on the bible, and claim the bible to be the end all of the conversation, you must accept all of that book's teachings. You cannot conveniently disregard the portions of the bible that do not suit your purposes. By doing so, you are admitting (willingly or not) that the teachings of the bible are not all correct, that over time they must be revisited and revised based on the evolution of society.

 Watch a clip of the Q & A session from local news:

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