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Sean Hannity Smack Down

Sep 07 2013

I came across this video and had to smile. After watching the HBO show "Newsroom", I can only imagine the uproar in the control booth when Professor Caroline Heldman stood her ground and began to contradict and embarrass Sean on his own show. Sean Hannity himself must have been fuming after the show. I say..."It couldn't have happened to a more deserving person." I have to say that I am impressed that she stood her ground, stated the facts, and didn't capitulate to Sean on his own show. The best part was when Sean sarcastically states,

"Only Democrats care about poor people. Only Democrats want clean air and water. Only Democrats care about not killing old people."

Professor Heldman didn't miss a beat when she responded with,

"You know, unfortunately I would agree with you on most of those points..."

Watch the segment below from Fox News:

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